Understanding Ticketbud fee invoices

  • Explanation of Ticketbud's fee invoice
  • Pay your invoice using the credit card you already have on file or change your card

If you're using PayPal to process payments, you collected the ticket price and the Ticketbud service fee on each transaction. Since we haven't collected our service fee at the time of purchase, we send you a fee invoice 5 days once your event is over. Invoices are due 30 days from the date they're issued and can be paid online. Also, keep in mind, the payment processing fee is charged by PayPal so there is no Ticketbud payment processing fee included in your invoice amount (we are only invoicing to collect our service fee.)

Please note: You can avoid handling monthly invoices by using Ticketbud's payment processing or Stripe for your next event (we'll collect fees automatically).

When Invoices Are Due
Invoices are due 30 days from the date they're issued, which is usually the first of the month. The account owner will receive an email notification, where they can then go and pay the invoice through Ticketbud. If you don't pay your invoices when they're due, your account will be suspended, so it's best to pay as soon as you can. We will send reminder emails.

How to pay a Ticketbud invoice
You can pay your invoice with a credit/debit card through Ticketbud.

To pay an invoice, please go to My Account and then click on billing. Once here, you can see all of the events that have due invoices, or those that have been paid. To pay an invoice, simply click on the event details, and then press the "Pay Now" button on the event billing page. Your card on file will be charged. If you would like to change your card on file, simply click "change" button under card information.

If you have any questions about an invoice or Ticketbud's invoice process, please contact help@ticketbud.com or reach out to us via live chat. We would be happy to help!

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