Using Stripe to sell tickets & get paid

  • Seamless checkout experience for your attendees
  • Receive funds on a 7 day rolling basis (or daily if transfer schedule configured)
  • Stripe will charge you 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction.
  • No monthly fees, no refund costs, no hidden fees
  • Connect your Stripe account to Ticketbud in minutes


  • To get started, sign up or log in to Ticketbud and create an event. Once your event is created, navigate to the Manage page. Select Payout Configuration from the toolbar. 

Select your event currency from the dropdown menu. 

  • Choose Stripe from the processing options.


  • You will be directed to Stripe where you can either log in with an existing Stripe account or sign up.




  • If you're signing up, you will receive an email in your inbox from Stripe prompting you to confirm your email address. Follow the link to confirm. This is separate from the Ticketbud account confirmation email. 



  • After signing up with Stripe under Payout Configuration, your event page will be activated.


To update bank account information and/or deposit frequency, you can access your Stripe dashboard at any time by logging in


If you need any help completing payout setup, feel free to email us at
If you have questions specifically regarding your Stripe account or deposits, please submit a support request to Stripe directly.
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