Managing Your Ticket Sales

  1. To get started, log in to your Ticketbud account and click My Events from the top menu bar.  If you haven't yet, click here to sign up for a Ticketbud account to start creating events.
  2. From here, click the Manage button next to your event and click Ticket Sales from the bottom left pane.
  3. Now you are at the ticket sales page where you can view your ticket sales in real-time as well as make any edits to your ticket purchases.  Read below for more information on how to navigate:

Overall Ticket Sales

  • Free/Comp Tickets: The total number of free or comped tickets sold for your event.
  • Paid/Pending Tickets: The total number of paid or pending tickets for your event.  99% of the time all of your tickets will be marked as paid.  Pending means that the ticket has been purchased but the credit card company has yet to approve of the purchase.
  • Paid/Pending Sales: The total dollar amount of paid/pending sales for your event.

Sales By Ticket

  • The total number of tickets will be divided by ticket type here.  An example would be General Admission: 20/100.  The General Admission is the ticket type, 20 being the number of tickets sold for that ticket type, and 100 being the total number of tickets available.


  • View/Edit Tickets: This button will list the tickets purchased for that specific ticket purchaser.  ​
    • Ticket Holder: Name and email of the specific ticket purchaser.
    • Custom Fields: Answers to any custom fields you inputted when editing your event page.
    • Actions: Delete ticket allows you to eliminate that ticket out of the ticket pool.  Email trace allows you to view the email activity for that specific ticket.

  • View Tickets: This button redirects you to a page displaying the actual tickets that were purchased.

  • Edit Purchase: This button allows you to edit the ticket purchaser info.  

  • Resend Purchase Email: Click this button to resend the ticket confirmation email to the ticket purchaser.

  • Print Tickets: Prints that tickets for will call.

  • Email Trace: This button allows you to view the email activity for the ticket purchase.  Click this button to review the email activity for attendees claiming that they did not receive their tickets.

Export All Sales

  • This button exports a .csv of all the ticket purchaser sales for your event.  This .csv displays the dollar amount, purchaser first and last name, purchaser email, and ticket status.

Export Tickets

  • This button exports a .csv of all tickets purchased and can be used to manually check-in your guests.  This .csv displays the time the purchase was made, purchaser first and last name, purhcaser email, ticket status, ticket type, ticket holder name, ticket holder email, unique barcode, if they've been checked-in via scanning app, and answers to custom fields.

​Search Bar

  • Use the search bar to find your ticket purchasers.  Simply type in first or last name and click the magnify glass. 


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