How to search tickets from all of your events

  • Quick, at a glance access to tickets from all of your events.
  • Resending/editing features provided on a specific ticket basis.

The new Search Tickets interface which is found right on your My Events dashboard allows you to quickly search attendees across all of your events. No longer will you need to drill down into each event’s ticket sales to get your questions answered. 

Finding this tool is as easy as selecting the My Events dashboard after logging in. You will see it in your left-hand side navigation bar. 

Once you click on the Search Tickets tool, you will then be able to type in any name or email address to filter results to a specific ticket. Here we were able to locate a ticket from our Head of Sales, Ben. 

The information provided allows you to see what ticket they had purchased, the total amount, and it was confirmed as a "paid" ticket (rather than attempted or incomplete). The actionable items include viewing the ticket as a pdf, resending the ticket via email, and editing the ticket. 

If you have any questions or concerns using this or any tool of ours, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at or via live chat. We're more than happy to help! 



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