Giving your event page a custom URL

  • This help article will explain and walk you through the process of creating a custom URL (link) to your event!

A custom link is crucial to a great event. It allows your event (and therefore ticket sales) to be easily shared in a catchy or easy to remember link, that is personal to you or your event. Consider it as additional branding for your event page. 

 All event links consist of two parts: a subdomain and a URL. These refer to separate components of the link. For example, all Ticketbud event pages are composed this way: The parts that are customizable are the sections titled subdomain and URL. 

You can customize these however you would like; however, most organizers use the subdomain to identify themselves as the organizer and the URL to describe the event. If an orchestra wanted to customize the links to their event pages, they could do something like this: Once again, this is fully customizable, nothing HAS to be done.
1) Go to "My Events" and find the "Manage" button for the event that you want to customize.

2) At the very top of the dashboard, you will see your current subdomain/URL. This is where you can edit the custom URL of your event page. Once you click on "Change URL", you will be presented with the URL you can change. 

2) After editing the "URL" field with what you are wanting, click on Apply Changes to save this. You can click on the link now to copy it to your clipboard and then visit the URL in your browser. 

And you are all done! Get ready to have a custom, concise and easy-to-share custom event link!

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