Why Are My Incoming Paypal Payments Pending?

As an organizer, it can be overwhelming having to deal with everything going on as your event comes up. And if you’re using Paypal, one thing that can be frustrating to deal with is pending payments for the money that you deserve for tickets that you sold. Luckily, most payment pending issues are easy fixes. All you need to look at is the tag in your IPN history. Provided you are logged into PayPal, click this link to go straight to your IPN history: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_profile-ipn-notify

Please see below for all the possible reasons that some of your attendees payments may still be pending:

Address: The payment is pending because the customer did not include a confirmed shipping address, and your Payment Receiving Preferences calls for you to manually accept these payments. You can change this in the Preferences section of your Profile.

Authorization: You have to authorize the payment and have not yet done so

eCheck: The eCheck has not yet cleared. Most eChecks take 5-7 days to be cleared

International: Your Paypal account is outside the US and you do not have a withdrawal process, which means you have to manually accept the payment in your Account Overview

Order: You set the payment action to Order and haven’t accepted them yet

Payment Review: Paypal is manually reviewing a payment it believes could be risky

Regulatory Review: Paypal is reviewing the payment to comply with government regulations, and most regulatory reviews are cleared within 3 days. 

Unilateral: The customer’s email address is not yet confirmed

Upgrade: You must upgrade your account to Business or Premier before you can receive the funds, or you have reached the monthly transaction limit

Verify: Your account is not verified yet, check your email address you use Paypal with to complete this verification process

Other: Contact Paypal Customer Service

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