My Event Dashboard

Your Dashboard is your high-level view of all of your events.  From here, you can jump to one of your events, review recent activity across all of your events, and see sales reports and payout schedules.

Your events are divided up in three tabs:  Current events, Past events, and Archived.  You may not see some of these tabs, yet.  That’s okay. It just means you don’t have any past or archived events.


Quickly jumping between events

If you’re managing several events at once, feel free to use the small down arrow next to “My Events” to quickly jump between the last few you’ve looked at.

Advanced: Alphabetical view

Once you have 6-7 events with Ticketbud, we’ll provide you with additional tools for finding your events. You can switch to the Alphabetical view and see each of your events, grouped by the first letter:

Switching between apps

Enter the App Launcher. Click the grid icon to open up different apps available to you:

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