How to setup an event calendar widget in Squarespace using Ticketbud

If you want to sell tickets online and set up an event calendar on your Squarespace site, you’ve come to the right place! Ticketbud lets you embed a calendar widget allowing you to sell tickets directly from your Squarespace site (and you can even use Stripe to process payments). Once you have created an event on Ticketbud, we provide you with a simple snippet of code that you copy and paste directly into your website. This calendar widget will style according to the design of your website and will highlight all your events in a simple calendar format.

Please see the gif below on how to embed your calendar widget on your Squarespace site:

Or follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Go to, sign up/sign in and select the "+ Start New Event” button. Fill in the basic information of your event (the time, date, name and location) to get started!  
  2. From your main event dashboard, select "Add My First Ticket". This will bring you to your edit page where you edit the details of your event. Once you have input the first ticket, you can add as many as you would like by pressing the "Add ticket" button. 

  3. (You can also edit your event page that attendees can visit also but it is not required to have ticketing on Squarespace) 

  4. Once you have added all of your tickets, click "My Events" from the navigation bar. Then on the right hand side, underneath the navigation bar, press the "grid icon". A pop-up menu will show up and press the Widget button.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and press the "Click to Clipboard" and the code will be copied for you

  6. Go to your Squarespace account where you can edit your website. Add a markdown block and paste in the code for the widget. 

(You can edit the height and the width of the widget by changing the dimensions in the markdown code you copied and pasted into the markdown block)


  1. TADA! All of your active Ticketbud events are now on a calendar on your own Squarespace site!

    Below is the help article from Squarespace showing you how to upload a script using a markdown block. Simply copy the snippet of code provided in Ticketbud and follow the instructions to paste in the appropriate section of your website.


Just need to upload a ticket widget to your Squarespace? Check out this help article:

Sell tickets on Squarespace using Ticketbud! Use Ticketbud to take care of organizing promotions and managing attendees. If you need any help getting this set up, please contact or give us a call at 844-376-6061

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