Managing My Event

To begin, first signup to Ticketbud or log in and create an event. Click My Events from the top navigation bar and click Manage next to your event to get started.

The Event Dashboard is where you will manage all of your event registration and promotional efforts. It is here where you can access all of Ticketbud's awesome features. As part of the overview, we have broken down each tool that can be accessible from the left toolbar.


Overview Page

The default page on the Event Dashboard is the overview page. This page provides a graph of your ticket sales in the past 30 days along with displaying the total number of tickets sold and sales grossed to date. These metrics are updated in real-time.


From this page, you can edit or copy your event by clicking the blue buttons in the top right. Under the title of your event, notice your event URL. This is the URL to your Ticketbud event website. For any marketing or promotional efforts, copy and paste this URL so your attendees can go right to your event website.


Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales is where you can view all of your event's ticket sales along with managing your attendees. You can also export your attendee data into a .csv from this page. To learn more about managing your ticket sales click here.


Payment Setup

Payment Setupis where you will choose how you would like to receive funds from your event. You will choose to either process tickets with Ticketbud's credit card processing option (recommended) or a third-party processor. You will also determine your event's currency on this page. To learn how to setup your processing, click here.

Custom Content

Custom Content allows you to customize the order confirmation email sent to attendees after purchasing tickets. You can also customize the order confirmation page that your attendees are redirected to after completing a purchase. Learn more about customizing content.

Custom Questions

Custom Questions allows you to collect any information from your attendees when they are completing a ticket purchase. You can choose what type of question (text,dropdown,radio) and what ticket types the question will be limited to. To learn how to collect information on attendees, click here.


Promotional Codes

Promotional Codes is where you can create promotional or access codes for your event. Promotional codes are used to provide discounts on tickets for a set period of time. Access codes are used to grant access to specific tickets that are hidden to the general public. To learn how to create promotional or access codes, click here.



The Widgets page provides directions to copy and pasting your Ticket form widget onto an external website. This allows attendees to purchase tickets right from your own website. To learn how to embed the widget onto your site, click here.


Edit Event

Edit Event allows you to edit your event website. With our Interactive Editor, you can make updates to your event site in real-time. To learn how to create an event website, click here.


Check In Guests

Check In Guests allows you to check-in attendees through your computer on the day of your event. From here you can also print your check-in list into a PDF for manual check-in. Ticketbud also provides iPhone and Android scanning app functionality as well. To learn more about Ticketbud's options for checking in attendees, click here.


Add Attendees

Add Attendees allows you to add offline ticket sales and send complimentary tickets. All manually added attendees will be sent a ticket confirmation email. To learn how to add attendees, click here.


Send Invites

Send Invites allows you to send email invitations to your event. You can customize the email message and either manually add recipients or upload a .csv of recipients. To learn how to send email invites, click here.

Email Attendees

Email Attendees allows you to send mass emails to anyone who has currently registered for your event. This tool is used to provide updates about your event. The functionality is the same as sending email invitations. To learn more about how to email attendees click here.



Sponsorships allows you to upload sponsor logos to your event website for visibility and branding purposes. The sponsors will have a logo image and a direct link to their own website. To learn how to upload sponsor logos to your event website, click here.



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