Upload sponsor logos to your event page

  • Seamlessly integrate your sponsorship logos within your event page for more visibility
  • Sponsors for your event will have logo and direct link to their own webpage​
  • If you're interested in adding sponsors to your actual tickets, contact us at cs@ticketbud.com for more info.
  1. ​To begin, first sign up to Ticketbud or log in and create an event.  If you've already created an event move to the next step.
  2. Click My Events on the top navigation bar and then click on your event to go to the Manage page.
  3. From here, click Sponsorships in the "Promote" menu of your Manage Event page. 

Now you will be able to quickly upload sponsorship logos and edit them at anytime from this page.  Always refer to the previous steps if you ever need to edit your sponsorships or upload a new logo.  Below is a quick guide on how to utilize this feature:

  1. To add a sponsorship, start by simply dragging a sponsor logo image to the grey box that displays Drop your sponsor logos here!  The image will upload in real-time and you will see a checkmark once the upload is finished.  The maximum file size allowed for sponsorship images is 1 Megabyte.​
  2. After successfully uploading the sponsor logo, below the grey box you'll be able to add a Name and URL for the logo.  When clicking on the logo from your event page, your attendee will be redirected to the URL listed.​
  3. If you need to delete a sponsor, click the X button.  If you need to re-order the layout of your sponsors, click and drag the arrow button.

​If you would like your Sponsor logos displayed on the ticket, please contact cs@ticketbud.com

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