Integrate the Ticketbud Widget into Facebook Pages

At Ticketbud, we are always striving to make the ticket purchasing process more accessible for attendees. Here’s how you can do that through Facebook.  The below steps will allow you to sell tickets through your Facebook pages. This way your can leverage your Facebook audience to buy tickets to your event without having to leave Facebook by utilizing the Ticketbud widget.

Please note that this only functionality only works with public Facebook Pages intended for marketing purposes (for use of a brand, company, organization, etc.). It is not possible at this time to embed the Ticketbud widget on a personal Facebook page or a Facebook Event page using this tutorial. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

Go to Facebook and use the search bar to find the third-party app Static HTML: iframe tabs. It should come up as one of the first results when you search for “HTML”:

When you go to the “Static HTML: iframes tab” Facebook page, select the green “Add Static HTML to a Page” button to install the app on your Facebook page.

Please select the Facebook page that you want to add the ticket widget to from the dropdown menu and select the “Add Page Tab” button:

You will now see that a new “Welcome” tab has been added to your Facebook page. Select the green “Set up tab” button to proceed:

At this point, you will be redirected to the installation site of the third-party developer of the app, Thunderpenny, to continue the install of the Ticketbud widget. Don’t worry - you will return to Facebook to complete the setup! Remove all of the text under the “index.html” tab on this page, as indicated in the highlighted box below:

Next, open up a new tab or window in your web browser and and go to your Event’s Event Management dashboard. Select the “Widgets” option under “Ticketing” on the left sidebar:

Ensure that the “Ticket Widgets” tab is selected on the left and the “iframe” widget tab is selected on the right (as indicated with red arrows in the image below), then copy the code inside the text box under “iframe”:

Go back to the “Thunderpenny | Static HTML” tab or window in your browser and paste the widget code into the now-blank “index.html” text box, click the “Actions” dropdown arrow, and select the “Edit name and image” option:

Before you can edit the name of the tab as it will appear on your Facebook page, you must click the blue “Login with Facebook” button:

This will initiate a pop-up window to authorize permission for the “Static HTML: iframe tabs” app to connect to your Facebook account:

After the authorization is complete, you can edit the tab name. Depending on the needs of your Facebook page, you can to edit your tab name to something general (ex. “Tickets” or “Buy Now”) or give the tab a title specific to your event (ex. “Fall Festival 2016 Tickets”) and click the “Save tab name” button to the right of the Tab Name field:

When you have successfully updated the tab name, click the blue “Save & Publish” button to update your Facebook page:

The installation of the ticket widget is now complete. You can return to your Facebook page to view the changes by selecting the “View on Facebook” button to open your page in a new tab:

Back on Facebook, you will be able to see a new tab featuring your event on your Facebook page. Depending on how many existing tabs you already have on this page, you may want to reorder the tabs so the one for your event displays more prominently and attendees do not have to click “More” to see your event’s ticket tab:

One final edit you will want to do is to create or modify your Facebook page’s Call to Action button to link directly to your Ticketbud event page. This will allow users on mobile platforms to access your event page directly on Ticketbud’s website, as the iframe widget is not supported on mobile devices. Click the “Create Call to Action” button (if you have not previously enabled one on this page) or click the existing button to reveal the “Edit call to action” option within the dropdown menu:

Choose the “Book Now” option, copy and paste your Ticketbud event URL into the “Website” field, and save changes:

That’s it! You now have the widget for your event directly embedded into your Facebook page and you are ready to sell tickets on Facebook from desktop or mobile devices!

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