How to Create an Early Bird Ticket

If you are an event organizer and want to sell an early bird ticket or set up a sales schedule for a ticket, follow these steps:

To put your ticket on a sales schedule: 

  • Under the edit page on the event dashboard, click the options tab on the early bird ticket.


  • You can then adjust the sales schedule with a start and end date and time.



To avoid reporting confusion or errors, early bird style tickets must be created as a separate ticket as they are often sold at a discounted price.

If they are not created as a separate ticket and are changed mid-sales to reflect a different price, they will be reported as the most recent price, resulting in possible reporting discrepancies. 


If you need additional help setting up an early bird ticket, please feel free to email us at or feel free to reach out via live chat. We would be happy to help! 





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