Creating Promotional / Discount Codes

  • ​Create promotional codes to offer discounts to attendees
  • Schedule time that promo codes are active
  • Select the amount of times the promotional codes can be used
  • Select a percentage or an amount to take off the ticket price or make the ticket completely free

How to (Step by Step)

  • To create and edit your promo/discount codes, first sign up to Ticketbud or log in and create an event.  If you've already created an event, click My Events on the top menu bar and click the Manage button next to the name of your event.


  • Once reaching the Event Dashboard, click Promotional Codes on the left side.​​

  • To create a promotional code, click the Make Discount Code button.​

  • A pop-up module will appear taking you through the next steps to complete your promotional code. The first step is to input the actual code that attendees will input to receive the discount. Simply input the code and press continue. (These are not case-sensitive)


  • The next step is to create the amount you would like to take off. You can choose to take a percentage off the ticket price, take an amount of the ticket price or make the ticket completely free. Once you have selected your option, press continue. ​

Percentage off - Use the slider to decide what price percentage you would like to take off the ticket. This percentage can range from 1% to 100%
Amount off - Input the price amount you would like to take off a ticket
Free - Select this option if you would like the ticket to be completely free to your attendees who have this promotional code

  • You can now select how many times you would like to limit the code for use. You can input a number or select from the pre-set list. If you select unlimited use, this means that the code can be used in an unlimited manner. Once you have decided, press continue. Example: If I select 100, this means that the promotional code can only be used 100 times

  • You can now select a start and end time for the promotional codes to be active. Simply click on the start time and select the time you would like for it to start. You can also do the same for the end time. If you would like your promotional code to have no time limit, simply select continue and leave the fields blank. You can also leave the end time blank and only have a start time.


  • You are now ready to activate your promotional code! Simply click the Activate Now button and your promotional code will be active. You can also save this promotional code for later if you do not want to activate it right away.

If you need any help setting up your promotional codes, we’d be happy to help. Shoot us an email at or give us a ring at 844-376-6061

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